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Site Rules

No offensive



No spreading of any rumors or gossiping


No spamming or advertising


Must post from a place of love.


Ungodly behavior will not be accepted. 

  • How do I join a connect group?
    Sign up and log into your account, click on "connect group" in your menu and click to join any of the groups you see (Teens, Prayer Room etc).
  • How do I write a post in my connect group?
    Click on "new post" and compose your message (please note everyone in the group will see your post), you can attach a picture or video to your message and click "post" to share.
  • Can I share my post on social media?
    Yes! click on the "share" button and options on social media channels will come up.
  • How do I edit or remove a post?
    Click on the "edit" button to modify your content and then click on post to update. Click on "delete" button to delete your post.
  • How do I report an issue
    Please send an email to for any issue you might face while using the app (app behaviour, unwanted behavior towards you, harmful content etc), our virtual doors are wide open, please reach out.
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