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Marked for life

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Personal episodes, the things nobody is talking about these days..

I remember the exact night my transition journey started. I was siting on the ground, in the middle of the night, right after throwing up for the maybe third time; having too much to drink, while my roommate was sleeping, I prayed a simple prayer. I was a youth corper in the city of Yenagoa back in 2012. When I was in Uni, I always had this subtly nudge that I was called into something bigger than myself. It only started making sense in 2018 November. Grab a sit and maybe a warm drink. I'll be sharing my life testimony with you.

“It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for” Ephesians 1:11

I have never truly connected with this scripture until lately.

Part 1: Prayer of a drunken believer

So I while my roommate was sleeping, I looked up to the ceiling of my room, staring at the fan and trying to see through the roof, the room seemed to be spinning and I said, "Lord, if you save me, if you would have me, I'm ready". I sat there, and began to reflect on my life.

Growing up, I didn't want to be associated with being a Christian in school, but when I went home, I was the Pastor's daughter. I lived a double life, and I knew so well how to play my part during mid-term breaks and school breaks. I wore my hat and church clothes, looking innocent, reading my Sunday school bible scriptures; I was part of a story I didn't understand and I was there to only play "my part" and make my parents smile. I never really knew what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus.

to be continued..

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